Starting a major research project….

I started work on my Master degree this fall at Acadia University. Part of my effort to get back into writing is going to be making posts to this blog. With any luck, I’ll tell a fun story as I go along, but will also document my frustrations and successes. Finding time and prioritizing that time seem to be the largest challenges at the moment. I need to figure out how to maintain some semblence of a personal life while fitting in the school work and some physical fittness time!

I also need to get comfortable with how to sign off on a blog entry – I never know what to say when I’m done!


When work is fun

Nova Scotia Sunset
Bay of Fundy Sunset – Nova Scotia

So – I am not such a pro at the blogging thing.  But I will persevere 🙂

I was at work the other day and realized once again how lucky I am to have work that I enjoy.  Traveling and seeing the Maritimes in different seasons and from different vantage points reminds me of how beautiful this province and Canada are.  Cliche, I know.  But we really are lucky to have <Space> to enjoy.

Just look at the view I had while at work last week.  Mother nature’s ‘tv’.