Grinda Shawl Adventure

DSC04767Just in time for Mum’s birthday I completed the Grinda MAL shawl created by LillaBjörn Crochet and described here.  This was my first attempt at a shawl of this kind, and my first use of the Scheepjes Whirl yarn.  I’ll admit I ordered three whirls without any concrete plans of what to do with them – simply because I fell in love with the look of them and the many projects I was seeing come up in the many FB groups I’ve joined.

As always, I took many photos of my work in progress, with a view to showing them to my Mum after the surprise was revealed.  It came down to the wire to finish in time, and my husband came out with me on a Saturday morning to give my Grinda a photo shoot in the woods.  I edited the photos together to make this “making of” video for Mum which became part of the reveal on birthday day 🙂   I hope you enjoy watching as much as I (we) enjoyed making it!


First Days…. Such Beauty

We have arrived…. to the blistering heat that is blanketing this part of the world!  It is making everything and everyone move a little more slowly.. including me getting to the blog posts!  On Sunday we made our way from Zurich to Magadino by car.  I wasn’t  expecting Switzerland to be full of tunnels, but of course this makes sense – especially when we had to drive Up and Down the Gotthard Pass because one of the tunnels was Continue reading First Days…. Such Beauty