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A new year and a new start…

Welcome 2015!

I’ve given this blog a revamped look and moved it to my domain at – adding in my work related content and attempting to bring everything together in one place!  My goal for 2015 is to simplify my digital life, which I find is taking over more and more of my time with each passing month.  I’ve been following this interesting blog for about a year now and they’ve had some good articles on technology and simplicity:   Becoming Minimalist

Christmas was a fun gathering of all the immediate family in Nova Scotia again this year.  It was very good to be together as this coming year will bring many new adventures for a few family members!

Foxes and Togni's gathered in Halifax
Fox’s and Togni’s gathered in Halifax

Starting a major research project….

I started work on my Master degree this fall at Acadia University. Part of my effort to get back into writing is going to be making posts to this blog. With any luck, I’ll tell a fun story as I go along, but will also document my frustrations and successes. Finding time and prioritizing that time seem to be the largest challenges at the moment. I need to figure out how to maintain some semblence of a personal life while fitting in the school work and some physical fittness time!

I also need to get comfortable with how to sign off on a blog entry – I never know what to say when I’m done!