Publications and Presentations


Fox, A., Hopkinson, C. and Chasmer, L. Stability of LiDAR-derived raster canopy attributes with changing pulse repletion frequency. Silvilaser 2011, Hobart Tasmania (work submitted)

Fox, A., Hopkinson, C., Chasmer, L. 2011. Simulating canopy transmittance at variable zenith and azimuth angles using LiDAR echo classification, vertical intensity and spatial point density distributions. Remote Sensing and Hydrology 2010 (Proceedings of a symposium held at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, September 2010) (IAHS Publ. 3XX, 2011)

Chasmer, L., Devito, K., Fox, A., Hopkinson, C., Kljun, N., McCaughey H., Petrone, R., Quinton, W. Spatial Parameterization of Zero-Plane Displacement and Surface Roughness using Airborne Lidar within Three Boreal Ecosystems (Poster for CGU 2008)


Fox, A. Silvilaser 2011. Paper presented, Tasmania, Australia, October 2011.

Hopkinson, Colville, Fox, Monette, Milne, Bourdeau, Morrison. LiDAR applications to biomass assessment and modeling; a two day mini symposium and workshop. Hosted at the Centre of Geographic Sciences, December 1-3, 2010.

Fox, A. IAHS/ICRS Symposium. Paper presented, Jackson Hole, September 2010.

Hopkinson, Fox, Webster, Milne, Chasmer. AGRG LiDAR Summer Institute. One week comprehensive lidar training school. Middleton, Nova Scotia, July 2009

Hopkinson, Fox, Goulden, Vorobiev Introduction to topographic and hyperspectral LiDAR, and developing a national research consortium for efficient access to community remote sensing resources. Workshop hosted at the Canadian Symposium for Remote Sensing, Lethbridge, June 2009.

Hopkinson, C., Fox, A., Milne, T. Introduction to LiDAR data processing, Halifax, February 2008.

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