IMG_0803Having worked as a Research Associate in the LiDAR laboratory (under Dr. Chris Hopkinson) at the Applied Geomatics Research Group of the Centre of Geographic Sciences, and as a Lidar Project Manager for Airborne Imaging Inc. based in Calgary, Allyson brings over ten years of experience to terrestrial and aerial Geomatics projects.  From project reconnaissance and planning, to data acquisition and processing, to workshops and presentations, she brings a wide variety of experience to any Geomatics project.

She is interested in all things geospatial, and is available to work in Canada, the USA and throughout the EU, and is willing to travel.

Field Operations & Mission Planning

  • 450 hours operational time on Optech’s ALTM 3100 system
  • Operational field time with Lecia ALS50 and ALS70 aerial mapping systems
  • Operational field time with Rigel 1560 and 1560i aerial mapping systems
  • Operational experience with Rollei AIC aerial camera (LiDAR system integrated)
  • Experienced with Optech’s ILRIS terrestrial laser scanner
  • Mission planning and project management
  • Experience on field campaigns in remote locations: Canada’s northern territories, Rocky Mountains, Pervuian Andes
  • Team mobilization

Data Processing

  • Data processing experience using TerraSolid suite of tools; Microstation
  • Proprietary raw data processing tools – calibration and output
  • ESRI ARCMap 10.0, Golden Surfer 10, QTModeler, Applanix POS MMS 5.4


  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (1999)
  • Advanced Diploma in Remote Sensing, Centre of Geographic Sciences, NSCC, Nova Scotia, Canada (2007)

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