Making a custom baby blanket!

When I was asked if I could make a baby blanket that included the child’s name, my mind immediately went to the interlocking technique. Some internet and Ravelry research later, and with the very supportive help from some makers and the designer, I was able to adapt this beautiful patten to make a custom blanket.

When I sourced the yarn from a local supplier and found it came in unwound skeins, I was excited to put my winding tools into action (they have been collecting dust!)

Making of the Cosy Baby Blanket

I learned so much from putting this project together! Starting with a beautiful and well explained design by Astrid Schandy, and with some inspiration from a fellow crocheter Martina Ryan, I had the courage to design a name panel for the centre piece, and adapt the overall work to the size and layout that I was looking for. I was able to finish in record time with the encouragement of my family and my wonderful local crafting group (they inspire me to get things finished to share with the group and are endlessly supportive!).

I am forever grateful for the global crochet community who bring ideas, inspiration, help when needed and encouragement!

Geometric patterns at work!