First Days…. Such Beauty

We have arrived…. to the blistering heat that is blanketing this part of the world!  It is making everything and everyone move a little more slowly.. including me getting to the blog posts!  On Sunday we made our way from Zurich to Magadino by car.  I wasn’t  expecting Switzerland to be full of tunnels, but of course this makes sense – especially when we had to drive Up and Down the Gotthard Pass because one of the tunnels was closed!  Talk about race tracking at great heights!


We are staying at the beautiful Bellavista Hotel – which does it’s name proud – it is indeed a Beautiful view and we are fortunate to have rooms elevated and with a ‘view’:

View from the Bellavista
View from the Bellavista

Monday we spent getting to know the surroundings.  Peter met with the festival organizer and starting to ‘meet’ the organ.  We explored the villages of Vira and Magadino, and in the evening made the trip to Bellinzona to hear a German organist play as part of the festival.


More to come……


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