Holidaying at the Cottage

So on Friday my Mum and I set out on an adventure/holiday to Ontario for two weeks.  First stop – my Aunt’s cottage in Combermere, Ontario.

After sitting with our feet up for a week and hanging out pretty much in our pj’s and eating tons of chocolate we headed south to Waterloo to catch up with old friends there.  I paid a suprise visit to Carousel and discovered that many of my small beginner dancers are now full grown teenagers dancing circles around the studio.  I had a great visit!   We are heading back home on Friday, via Pembroke to visit my two Aunts on our way home.

IKEA tomorrow!!  Whoo hooo!

Happy Trails!



Recently, my cat Dusti reached the grand age (in the world of cats) of 19 years.  She was showing her age, and many of my friends remarked they had never met a more senior ‘looking’ cat!!  She led a charmed and blessed life.  Always an indoor cat, I am sure she only used 2 or 3 of her nine lives over the years.  And she was never a ‘people lover’ cat.  She finally allowed me to cuddle her for a length of time only in her last years, and really only tolerated Mum because she was a great food source when I was away.  Mum nursed her through more than one bad spell and I am sure kept Dusti with us a few more years.  Sadly, this year on the first day of Spring, we took our final trip to the vet’s office – a place that true to cat form, Dusti hated.  She only weighed in at about 4 lbs – way too small!  Cradled in my arms, she went to sleep for the last time – a hard day for everyone in my family.

My house sure is empty – her rather solitary and ornery presence is greatly missed.  She was regularly waking me up at 6:30 am, demanding fresh food in the bowl, or colder water (even in the dead of winter), and we had a tenuous early am relationship, as any hour before 11am is really not a time for humans to be awake!  I missed her sitting by my feet at lunch today, where she would inevitably wait for a scrap of meat from my plate (thank-you Granddad!)

So I wish to salute my friend and companion of 19 years – Dusti ~ November 4 1989 – March 20, 2009

Dusti and Me

19 years old...
19 years old...